Victoria's Fantastical Art Gallery

Welcome to my gallery of fantastical paintings, adding a splash of color, whimsy, and fantasy to reality!

This collection goes from my most current artwork going back to the pieces I completed during my time at the San Francisco Art Institute (2014-2016). 

Paintings are for sale, unless otherwise noted, please contact me for prices.

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Newest Paintings

Be You & Bloom.jpg

"Be You & Bloom", 11"x14" canvas, with attached raw canvas for added movement and dimension, acrylic paint & ink  with clear tar gel  for the flowers, attached one petal at a time, June 2022.
-Currentlly showing at Calaveras County Arts Council "Safe Space Show" 

Even Reaper loves Flowers.jpg

"Even the Reaper Loves Flowers", 12"x12" canvas, acrylic paint with added clear tar gel, glass bead medium, & molding paste. Piece originally created in 2019, reimagined and updated  by adding the texture, in 2022.


Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure! 
A broken guitar reimagined into a fantastical work of art.
A lovely tree on a hillside amongst the flowers, a fairy & and a dragon, even a owl peeks through the middle of the guitar. Created with acrylic paint, ink, glass bead medium & molding paste, the dragon and 3D flowers made with raw canvas pieces Created as part of “Unstrung” our 
Calaveras Arts Council guitar project raising money for local schools to get new guitars.
- Currently 
displayed at the gallery in San Andreas Ca

Siren sings.jpg

"Roar" 4"x4" canvas, acrylic paint mixed with molding paste, June 2022 *SOLD*

"The Siren Sings" 5"x7" canvas, acrylic paint & ink with clear tar gel & glass bead medium, June 2022 -Currently listed on my Etsy Shop