Gallery of My Artwork: 


Please enjoy this gallery of my fantastical paintings, displaying a collection of my most current artwork going back to the pieces I completed during my time at the San Francisco Art Institute (2014-2016). 

Paintings are for sale, unless otherwise noted, please contact me for prices.

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Newest Paintings

Snowman Winter Wonderland.jpg

"A Snowman's Winter Wonderland" 9"x12 canvas, acrylic paint & ink with manipulated & dried clear tar gel, glass bead medium, & molding paste, November 2021. SOLD

Farires Frolickig in Weeping Willow Swamp.jpg

"Fairies Frolicking in Weeping Willow Swamp, acrylic on 10"x10" canvas with clear tar gel wings,leaves and mushroom, November 2021, SOLD

Colorful Raven 21.jpg

"Colorful Raven" 5"x 7"acrylic on black canvas, feathers made with clear tar gel and glass bead medium,  Nov 2021