Gallery of My Artwork: 


Please enjoy this gallery of my fantastical paintings, displaying a collection of my most current artwork going back to the pieces I completed during my time at the San Francisco Art Institute (2014-2016). 

Paintings are for sale, unless otherwise noted, please contact me for prices.

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Newest Paintings

Fantastcal Greenman.jpg

“Fantastical Greenman” 12”x12” canvas, acrylic paint & ink with manipulated clear tar gel,molding paste, glass bead mediums, June 2021. Sold Commission.


“Beach Splash ” 10”x10” canvas Acrylic with clear tar gel for the waves, glass bead & extra coarse pumice mediums for the sand. July 2021

Mermaid on a Rock.jpg

"Mermaid on a Rock"  5"x7" canvas, acrylic paint & ink with clear tar gel, & glitterific acrylic.  June 2021.  
Currently in my Etsy Shop


“Succulent in Bloom” Acrylic on 3”x3” canvas  

Acrylic mixed with Clear tar gel, glass bead medium, Molding paste ,July 2021  SOLD

“Poppies” 3”x3” canvas , Acrylic with Clear tar gel, July 2021

Currently listed in my Etsy Shop

snail amongst shrooms.jpg
glittery sunflowers.jpg

“Snail amongst the shrooms” 4”x4” canvas Acrylic with clear tar gel,

Molding Paste, glass bead mediums June 2021

Currently Listed in my Etsy Shop

"Glittery Sunflower Field" 2" 1/2 x 3" 1/2 canvas, acrylic with clear tar gel, molding paste & glitterific acrylic gel, July 2021. SOLD