About Victoria Fout

My Artist Statement 

Feeling emotions, appreciating nature, searching for the fantastical realities in the world, life and death and the inevitability of it all is what I channel and express throughout my paintings. My artwork explores the duality between fantasy and reality, light and darkness, creating figures of a fanciful manner within surreal landscapes. I create fantastical creatures made of their surrounding environments, using acrylic on canvas as my choice of medium. I love a bright color palette, combining the happiness color can offer along with dark symbols and themes. Texture is also very important to me. I strive to bring my paintings, the creatures that dwell in my painting universe, even more into life by incorporating 3-dimensional elements whether it be sewing on beads, rocks, jewelry, feathers, fabric, or manipulating and sculpting raw canvas. I mimic and recreate the 3D elements with paint or use them in hopes to elevate the painting experience in an exciting way. To me, painting is a creative outlet to escape into different worlds and creatures I create, expressing myself emotionally and artistically. My pieces are a piece of my soul and an invitation to my viewers to enter my world.